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Inspiration from My Father, Late Purnendu Nag

I attribute much of who I am today to the profound influence of my late father. As a senior engineer with BSNL, he exemplified dedication and innovation in his work. Beyond his professional life, he possessed a rich creative spirit, spending weekends capturing nature through his lens, strumming melodies on the guitar, and cultivating gardens.

His distinctive approach to life — blending diligence with creativity and a commitment to family — left an indelible mark on me and my siblings. Growing up under his guidance, we imbibed invaluable values of integrity, dignity, and the importance of quality time together.

My journey as a designer is deeply rooted in the lessons he imparted and the example he set. His legacy continues to inspire me to strive for excellence and approach every endeavor with passion and purpose.

My Inspirations

Honoring the Legacy of My Father, Late Purnendu Nag

Growing up under the guidance of my late father, Purnendu Nag, I developed a deep appreciation for nature and creativity. His grounded approach to life kept me closely connected to the natural world, inspiring my artistic endeavors and fostering a love for outdoor activities like sports and working with natural materials such as bamboo and wood.

My father's influence extended beyond nature and creativity. He instilled in me a passion for music, cinema, and the arts, enriching my understanding and appreciation for diverse forms of expression. His teachings in art and painting laid the foundation for my creative journey.

He exemplified dedication and integrity, setting a high standard for us all. He made deliberate choices that guided our paths towards success. Today, we continue to honor his memory as a role model who made a lasting impact on our lives. Though he may no longer be with us, his spirit lives on in our hearts. We fondly remember him and pray for his eternal peace.

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