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I learned how to live by watching what my father did. Late Purnendu Nag, my father, is a truly inspirational figure in my life. He had a very strong personality and was highly important in determining my future. The majority of my inspiration for drawing or for my level of creativity came from my genes. My late father, Purnendu Nag, was employed with the BSNL department as a senior engineer. He had a completely different taste from his friends and was a rather serious and passionate individual. He used to spend his weekends taking pictures of various nature scenes, people, and playing the guitar, recording music, or just gardening. 

His distinctive style of inventiveness, hard effort, and spending quality time with my siblings and I have helped us to distinguish out from what we formerly were. We learned various values as we grew up, and it was always emphasised to carry out tasks with dignity and integrity. 

My Inspirations

It was very easy for me to stay close to nature and take inspiration from it because I was pretty grounded with him at this level. I have listened to a lot of old music, seen a lot of films, played both indoor and outdoor sports, worked with clay, working with natural materials like bamboo, wood, and experimenting with all creative elements.

Another important component of my education was the study of art and paintings. My father taught me a variety of drawing and art-making techniques. 

He is the main reason for our success today. We all saw him as a role model, someone who performed his duties admirably, and someone who made the correct choices to steer our future in the right paths. 
No matter where he is, we all pray for his well-being and ask God to grant his soul peace.

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