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Introducing The CODE41 X41 Edition 5 Watch

People-powered watchmaking

The first edition of the fabulous X41 project appeared in March 2019. Having already disturbed the hushed world of watchmaking by offering total transparency on origin and costs and by giving the power to the community, they wanted to go even further by making Fine Watchmaking as widely accessible as possible.

The X41 has thrown off the luxury image associated with Fine Watchmaking in favor of focusing on the industry-leading expertise of Swiss watchmakers and the high quality of the components. The result: an exceptional piece with unbeatable magic and value for money.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, CODE41 was built from the ground up to democratize luxury watchmaking. The brand uses a community-driven approach, involving customers in each phase of the process when creating a new watch – from design and complications to manufacturing and logistics. CODE41 takes the idea of giving customers what they want to a level unheard of in the watch industry.

Along with directly involving members of the CODE41 community in the watchmaking process, CODE41 is also dedicated to full transparency with its TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin). While plenty of brands claim to offer excellent value for the money and use labels such as Swiss Made, CODE41 goes well beyond, reporting the country of origin, production costs, and markups on each watch component. To give you an example, the bespoke movement in the X41 was produced in Switzerland for $1,705, while the packaging was produced in China for $22. Best of luck trying to find that level of transparency anywhere else in the luxury watch world. Given that over 90% of the watch’s value comes from Switzerland, CODE41 far exceeds the 60% value requirement to attain the Swiss Made appellation. However, given the degree of obfuscation used by brands to define “value,” CODE41 opts instead for an approach of full transparency.

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