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Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD Spyder India launch on June 8

The Lamborghini Huracan Evo line-up in India is set to expand, with the launch of the drop-top RWD Spyder variant on June 8, 2021. Revealed in international markets last year, the Huracan Evo RWD Spyder shares much of its cosmetic details with the RWD Coupe and is powered by the same engine.

  • Huracan Evo RWD Spyder powered by a naturally aspirated 610hp, 5.2-litre V10

  • 0.2sec slower in the sprint to 100kph than hard-top Coupe sibling

  • Fabric roof can be lowered within 17sec, at speeds of up to 50kph

Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD Spyder: What’s to know?

Starting with the styling, the RWD Spyder gets similar tweaks to the RWD Coupe, which is already on sale, to set it apart from its AWD sibling. These differences include a new front splitter, bespoke rear diffuser and a new rear bumper. The RWD Spyder though carries over the AWD model’s prominent twin buttress design – a styling element aimed at improving aerodynamic efficiency and downforce.

Compared to the RWD Coupe, the Spyder is about 120kg heavier (dry weight) owing to structural enhancements and the mechanism for the folding soft top roof. The roof itself can be folded at the touch of a button, and it can be lowered in 17sec at speeds of up to 50kph. The car also gets a rear windscreen that can be raised and lowered independently of the roof, to let the sound of the V10 engine into the cabin.

The cabin is identical to that of the RWD Coupe.

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