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In the world of design, understanding photography is essential. When it comes to viewing a photograph from a different aspect, our students have the same diversity of viewpoints and opinions as other people.
Image Clicked By: Manezah

We demonstrate to the students how to operate the DSLR and its settings to capture beautiful images of their surroundings. Students from the NIDJ Textile and Apparel Design Dept. were exposed to the photography course, where they learnt about the fundamentals of photography as well as camera settings including ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. They learned how to compose compositions, take human portraits, market and natural landscapes, and many other beautiful photos during the course, which proved to be a terrific learning experience for them. Additionally, they learned how to take stunning fashion and product shots in various lighting conditions. Before shooting any shots, they were instructed on the fundamental requirements.

Students can use photography to produce ideas for their projects in the future by taking pictures of intriguing objects, people, and situations. These ideas can then be used to create mood boards. The students are provided by NIDJ with a DSLR, with which they can go out and explore during the course, taking pictures of various market sceneries and individuals at work throughout the day and at night, and Studio lights, triggers and soft box to capture studio shoots.

Photography is a fascinating subject since it gives us the most effective means of sharing our point of view with the world and conveying a message to others while remaining completely verbal-free. The course’s final project was an exhibition or show that was attended by all of the college students and faculties from all departments as well as other staff members.

Showcasing a few of the outdoor and studio shoot images clicked by the students of NID Assam, Textile and Apparel Dept.

Course guided by: Dibyendu Nag, Faculty, Textile & Apparel Design Dept., NIDJ

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