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Memories Of Cloud 9

In this walk of life we tend to come across different people and personalities and we tend to fall for them. Though our destiny is not here but destined to be with someone else we still unknowingly fall in love with these people and share a great bond, a bond which is written to last till the end of this journey but we still move on making our heart and soul hard enough to lose them and a promise to never see them. Yet, we stalk or try to know about them and wish for them. This mixed emotions and feelings will last for them forever if your heart knows you loved them truly. Never the less we care for the judgement but we believe that this was the best moment we all had in our life the memories we can say that was from Cloud 9.

Thus here we come up to celebrate that moment of love and feelings with some great classic Bryan Adams song's. Go check out this playlist and give us a thumbs up and do follow us for more such playlist. Stay Tuned...

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