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Re-viewing Father's day gift

Father’s Day 2021: Gift these amazing gadgets to your father to bring a smile to his face

Scratching your head for the perfect gift this father’s day? We have great selections of ideas from brands like ZinQ Technologies, Patronics and pTron. Father’s Day is just around the corner, which can be insanely stressful in these times. COVID-19 is still hanging over our heads, so most of us will have to rely on Amazon’s catalogue of gifts more than ever. Even without a pandemic, buying a Father’s Day gift is always tough, especially when your dad gives the classic “I don’t want anything” speech. You could go for a tried & true gift in 2021 (again), like a new coffee mug or a new tool for the grill, but you can only give your dad those things so many times before it becomes too much. So this year, we’ve looked around for some special, interesting gifts for dad in a wide range of types and prices. ZinQ 20000 mAh power bank- A Li-Polymer power bank for dads who love going on outdoor adventures almost as much as they love posting about them on Instagram. Excessive usage of the phone for taking pictures can drain your battery too often. That’s where the Zinq 20000 mAh power bank comes in handy. The power bank is the ultimate power package to carry along. Whether he travels to his office, or at a party or even to places and situations where there are no power sockets, the Zinq 20000 mAh power bank will be his saviour and ensure his mobile phone, tablet, and other devices including wearables never run out of juice. Portronics POR-871 Soundrum 4.2 stereo speaker- Father’s 2020 gift can become more exquisite and special owing to this Bluetooth speaker from Portronics. The offered product has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters and comes with a 10W in-built speaker. Purchase this product at Rs 1749 ZinQ Erupt Bluetooth Headphones- It is likely that your parents will want a pair of good quality headphones just as much as you do. ZinQ Technologies makes some of the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market: the romantically named Erupt Bluetooth. It is an active noise cancellation headphones that will no longer be a problem. These Bluetooth Headphones will help you to be hands-free and write down your notes at the same time ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation. pTron Bassbud Earpods- So, your father loves to experiment with audio gadgets? If that is so, how about giving him Bluetooth. If that is so, how about gifting him bluetooth earpods on this father’s day. He is sure going to love it and if he is fond of listening to the music , this is no less than a surprise for him. Get this pair of earpods under Rs. 1000.

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