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Summer Sophistication: The Complete Guide To Linen Suits

Everyone of us loves summer, but when it comes to tailoring, the hot weather can pose a problem. It doesn’t matter how sharp the suit is, if you’re flushed, panting and dripping in sweat, it’s not going to look good. So, what’s the alternative? Turn up to your next formal summer event in a vest, shorts and sandals and hope for the best? No, Not exactly. We have got some solution for all of our readers. One which will help you to get your style on during this heated weathered also which we believe every well-dressed men should own. Yes, that's true we got the solution and it's the Linen Suit.

A linen suit is your ticket to stylish summers, unblighted by the untimely onslaught of underarm sweat patches. It will allow you to remain cool at all times, in more ways than one, and is a real must-have as temperatures begin to rise.Here we take a closer look at this summer menswear essential, including how to wear it , what colour to buy and which brands are making the best options.

Linen is the oldest woven fabric in the world. There is evidence of it being used as far back as 30,000 years ago and fine linen cloth has often been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. It’s even mentioned in the bible, and despite its old age, is still widely used today.

The fabric itself is made from the fibres of the flax plant and has always been highly popular in hot countries due to the fact that it is lightweight, breathable, absorbent and quick drying. It’s also far more durable than cotton and better at wicking moisture away from the skin.

Now you must think Why buy a Linen Suit?

Anyone who has ever sweated their way through a summer wedding in a heavy wool suit will already know the answer to this question. Linen is the solution to all of your summer suit woes, keeping you cool and comfortable when temperatures are high. It’ll keep air circulating, wick moisture away from the skin and if any unwanted sweat patches do crop up, they’ll be dry before anyone has had a chance to notice.

But it’s not all about the practical stuff – linen looks great too. The textured weave of the fabric holds colour beautifully and adds character to summer outfits with ease. Sure, it creases, but that’s just part of linen’s charm and, in our humble opinion, only adds to a linen suit’s laid-back appeal.

If you’re likely to be donning tailoring during the warmer portion of the year, a linen suit is something you really should be considering.

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