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The Modern Watch Brand Championing Inclusive Design

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Not all timepieces are created equal. In fact, most failed to accommodate those who are visually impaired, and the alternatives that sprung up in their place – talking and delicate tactile watches – fell short on quality and design. That is until modern watch brand Eone came to be, anyway. When founder Hyungsoo Kim learned of the watch world’s inaccessibility through a friend who is blind, he set out to create an inclusively designed timepiece that serves everyone – and delivers on next-level design in the process. Kim’s thoughtful collaboration with designers and people with vision impairments led to the engineering of a watch unlike anything else out there – a modern and iconic timepiece designed to communicate time through touch rather than only sight.

Being able to tell the time in a way that’s accessible and convenient, while core to Eone’s ethos, isn’t enough – the brand wants blind and sighted users to experience ultra-modern design and have options to choose from. The Bradley comes in a variety of styles and finishes, all befit with architectural details and minimalist aesthetic that have become synonymous with Eone.

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