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Ulla Johnson' s Spring Summer 2023 RTW

In this collection of Ulla Johnson, locations conveys the idea that her independent American brand has overcome the pandemic's problems and emerged stronger from it. The deep purple jeans and the sunflower yellow of a "three-piece suit" made up of bell-bottoms, a bandeau top, and a sleeveless jacket are two examples of how colour played a prominent role in this scene. She stated that a good place to start is with Lee Krasner's unusual pairings. However, Johnson has always been more interested in crafts. A sleeveless column was hand-crocheted, and a sweaterdress with a loose fringed hem was fully hand-knit from silk ribbon. The shibori-dyed numbers were created in Bangalore, while the striped blanket dress with side cutouts was hand-loomed in Guatemala. In Los Angeles, a team that employs vintage chain stitch equipment created an embroidered denim jacket and jeans. 

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